Motivational Lifestyle Coaching 

Our tried and proven motivational coaching and support system will hold you accountable and keep you focused on your transformation day in and day out. You will receive daily reminders and personalized motivational: phone calls, text messages, emails, and social media content. 

In Home Personal Training
In Home Personal Training
Motivational Coaching
JustinFit's Health & Fitness Services:
The JustinFit Story

"The Freshman 15" turned into "College 55" for me. New behaviors caused by stress, such as: studying all night, not exercising and eating the wrong foods at the wrong times, caused me to gain 55 lbs! My health was really starting to suffer by this point.

I knew I wanted more from life than this. Through trial and error, hard work and the support of my friends and family, I successfully transformed my mind and body (without the use of drugs, shots or dangerous diets). I succeeded by making a lifestyle transformation. Through my journey I discovered the real truth behind taking control of my life and health.

Transforming my mind and body was life changing in so many ways. My confidence sky rocketed, my energy levels were boosted and I never felt better. I switched my major to Physical Education and started this tremulously rewarding career. 

I have devoted my life to helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. To get at the core of the problem--childhood obesity--I worked as a Physical Education and Health Teacher for the Broward County School District and during the summers, at the Dan Marino Center (a branch of the Miami Children's Hospital for children with special needs).

In 2007, I brought my life changing, proven and comprehensive health and fitness program to the public. "JustinFit" teaches clients one-on-one how to exercise safely and effectively and teaches them what to eat and when to eat. Add to that the real power and secret to my success: My one of a kind, tried and proven motivational support and accountability coaching.

I am dedicated to helping you successfully take control of your life and health as you travel through your transformational journey.
Corporate Wellness Solutions

Are you looking to create an edge? In addition to enhanced productivity, corporate wellness programs have been shown to be effective tools in slowing the growth of health care costs.
Motivational Speaking

JustinFit is passionate about working with South Florida businesses & organizations to educate, empower, and energize their employees.

Youth & Teen Mentoring 

Growing up can be tough. JustinFit is here for you to help your struggling teenager make a successful transformation to a healthy positive young adult. 
Motivational Speaking
Youth & Teen Mentoring
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Corporate Wellness Solutions
In Home Personal Training

We will customize a safe and effective  exercise program to meet your specific needs and goals. All of the latest cutting edge portable fitness tools are provided. Workouts include full body circuit training, cardio kickboxing, running, biking and aqua fitness.
Nutrition Coaching

Learn to eat healthy for life, no more dieting! Our nutrition programs includes kitchen makeovers, assisted grocery shopping, cooking lesson, meal plan plan, food tracking and dining out tips & more.
​Justin A. Seedman BS, ACE-CPT 
Founder, Owner, Personal Trainer

​Areas Serviced: Weston, Southwest Ranches, Davie, Cooper City, Pembroke Pines, Miramar Florida

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Justin A. Seedman
Tom Bowler
Sheril Hirsch
Sheril Hirsch BS, CPT 
Personal Trainer

​Areas Serviced: Weston, Southwest Ranches, Davie, Cooper City, Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Plantation, Miami Lakes Florida

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Tom Bowler BS, CSCS, CES, FNS 
Ft. Lauderdale Head Personal Trainer

​Areas Serviced: Fort Lauderdale

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Michael Mai NASM-CPT 
Personal Trainer

​Areas Serviced: Fort Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, Weston, Miramar, Cooper City, Southwest Ranches, Davie 

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Michael Mai
Meet our team of passionate and professional Certified Personal Trainers, Health Coaches, and Nutrition Specialists:
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