The Giovannini's tip for success:

Exercise together as a family. It is a great way to spend quality time together. We help keep each other motivated & accountability.
Cesar Giovannini
Cesar, Renata, and Isabelle Giovannini have been JustinFit clients for 8 transformative weeks. Each one of our family fitness sessions are filled with hard work, sweat, fun and laughter. Exercising as a family has be an excellent way to keep them motivated and keep the inches falling off! (16.5 inches to be exact!)

As owners of Seven Roads Group, an international import/export group based out of Pembroke Pines, the Giovannini's have been able to take advantage of our Corporate Training Program where we come directly to your office. Over the past two months, twice a week, I have transformed their office and parking lot into a gym. It is here that they consistently have great workouts right after work. This way, there's no downtime between work and home at the time when most people typically become unmotivated to exercise. Instead, they have used this time to their advantage.

Cesar and Renata serve as excellent role models for their teenage daughter, Isabelle, by exercising as a family. Together, they have successfully left their unhealthy habits behind and have begun a new life filled with daily exercise and healthy eating.

Their hard work has paid off - the Giovannini's are down over 15.5 pounds, have lost 16.5 inches, and look and feel even better! They have truly made fitness a part of their life. I admire their dedication as they achieve their health and fitness goals and I am glad to share their story with you.
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